Adjustable Width Pallet Truck

(Florida, USA)

Adjustable Pallet Jack

Adjustable Pallet Jack

We have a shipping facility where we have old and new shelving configurations of different widths. We are looking for a way to take advantage of both storage areas with one product. Would the adjustable width pallet truck be good for this? Does adjusting the width affect the load bearing capacity?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us! The pallet truck with adjustable widths would be a great product for your situation. This pallet truck has a fork width that can be set anywhere from twenty-one (21) to twenty-seven (27) inches. This allows you to fit the exact size that your materials require. Additionally, these adjustable trucks are designed to function on all surfaces, preventing them from slipping or causing you any problems. Using this for both of your storage locations can save you valuable time and money. This hand truck can handle loads up to 5500 pounds and the width should not affect this capacity.

In addition, adjusting the width of these pallet trucks is incredibly easy to do. All that is required is to loosen the set screws and reset the bolts in the back and front. This can make your material handling easier and allow you to maximize both of your storage areas.

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