Are your Cylinder Cabinets OSHA Compliant?

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

OSHA Compliant Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Do you have anything that can safely store gas cylinders? I need them to be OSHA compliant, vertical, and strong enough to handle 20 pound cylinders.

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers that are designed specifically to safely store your gas cylinders. The vertical model of these units is manufactured with racks that can be positioned to store your twenty (20) pound cylinders. They are compliant with OSHA 1910.110 as well as NFPA 58 code for LPG storage.

To help you store these flammable materials as efficiently as possible, several safety features have been built into the design of this storage locker. One such feature is wire mesh sides. The openness of the metal for these cabinets provides more ventilation and visibility. The see through quality allows you to quickly inspect that gas cylinders to make sure they are not leaking or falling over. Additionally, storing some gases requires extra ventilation so that the build-up of gases does not increase to a dangerous level. With mesh sides, cylinders are always exposed to an air flow that lowers the pressure stored inside the cabinet.


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