Bevco Shop Stool for Mechanic Shop

Bevco Shop Stool with Tray

Bevco Shop Stool with Tray

Repair Shop Stools

I am looking for a Bevco shop stool that I will be using to repair various cars and parts in my mechanic shop. Which stool would you recommend?

Thank you for your inquiry! For the uses that you described, we would recommend the repair shop stool. As you requested, this stool is manufactured by Bevco and designed to make your repairs and transportation easier.

In order to speed up the process of your repairs, this stool is manufactured with a storage tray at the bottom of the stool. This tray is made from high impact plastic that will prevent it from chipping or scratching if it is accidentally banged or hit. In this tray, you can easily store multiple tools and transport them with you around the shop. This can allow you to quickly move from one location to the next, without having to worry about where your tools are or carrying them with you.

These stools are also made to provide you with the proper amount of support so you can avoid back and neck pain. This maintenance stool provides this for you in many ways. First, it contains a five legged base that gives the stool more balance and distributes weight evenly. Secondly, it is designed to be low to ground. This proximity to the floor reduces the strain on your knees, on your back, and on your ankles.


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