Can the Impact Resistant Instrument Cart have a Flush Top Shelf?

Instrument Cart

Instrument Cart

Hi, would you happen to have the following in stock: "Impact Resistant" instrument cart? I am looking for one that has a surface flush top shelf not a vinyl shelf. Do you have this? Also, how much weight can it support?

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. The instrument cart with impact resistance is available with a top shelf that is flush, rather than non-slip vinyl. This durable hand truck has been constructed from welded steel and con support up to 1000 pounds. This makes it great for storing supplies that might be a little heavier or for transporting a large amount of supplies at one time. Another great advantage of this cart is that the bottom shelf has a one and half inch retaining lip so supplies on the bottom will not slip off. This lip can also be added to the top shelf if you are concerned with securing your materials.

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