Can you Reuse a Sorbent Sock?

Spilfyter Absorbents

Spilfyter Absorbents

Absorbents for Oil, Water, and Solvents

I am looking for sorbent socks, pads, or pillows. Are any of these reusable?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do offer Spilfyter sorbent socks and two different sizes of sorbent pillows. All of these items can absorb up to eight (8) times its own weight, making them highly using for absorbing non-harmful liquids such as oil or water.

The sorbent sock is designed for flexibility and can be reused. This sock weights thirty (30) pounds and has a capacity of twenty-two (22) gallons. One benefit of this absorbing sock is its ability to to bend and encircle a variety of different items. This can allow you to place an absorbing barrier around items, such as oil drums, and protect floors from spills. This cleaner is also capable of being incinerated.

Also available are two different sizes of sorbent pillows. These pillows can equally be used to clean up non-aggressive spills and can protect large surface areas. The larger size of these pillows measure ten inches by eighteen inches by two inches (10" x 18" x 2"). They are twenty-five pounds in weight and have a capacity of twenty-four (24) gallons. For a smaller absorbing pillow, we also offer a ten by ten (10" by 10") version that has a seven (7) gallon capacity.

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