Cleaning and Care for Medical Office Rolling Stools

Medical Office Stools

Medical Office Stools

We are looking for a easy to clean rolling stool for use in our medical facility. Is the vinyl used for your Brewer stool anti-bacterial or antifungal? Is it able to be be sanitized?

Thank you for your inquiry! Our Brewer medical office stools feature a NaughaSoft vinyl seat cover that is manufactured with a formula that contains agents that control for both bacteria and fungus. This material is strong, durable, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in several different colors, this flexible stool provides you with a way to match your facility, control bacteria and fungus, and still keep your stools clean.

A further advantage of these stools is that they are available with or without a back and are extremely health conscious. Stools are manufactured with a five (5) star reinforced base that provides extra stability when moving around or sitting still. An adjustable foot ring is also available for addition support.

Some other stool options for you might include our Brewer polyurethane stool. Made with a similar design, this material can resist stains, puncture, grease, water, and chemicals. Please feel free to also visit our complete stool variety page.

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