Difference in Industrial Workbench Tops?

(Chicago, Illinois )

What different tops can I put on the industrial slidebolt workbench?

Hello. Thank you for your inquiry! Our industrial slide bolt workbenches are a great choice for versatility and offer five different work surfaces that can be placed on the workbench top: steel, laminated hardwood, plastic laminate, super composite, and graphite.

For heavy-duty maintenance repair, the best option would be the steel bench top. This surface top is made with heavy-duty twelve (12) gauge steel and can withstand heavier work. Also useful for this kind of work would be the super composite top. This work surface is abuse resistant, making it great for assembly, repairs, and other heavy-duty work.

If your work does not require this level of heavy duty strength, the graphite bench top would be a better choice. This top has a medium duty work surface and is solvent resistant. For extremely light duty situations, such as office or school work, the plastic laminate is perfect. Also available is the laminated hardwood top that is great for precision repair.


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