Do you have a Pallet Truck for Drywall?

Sheet and Panel Trucks

Sheet and Panel Trucks

Adjustable Sheet Truck

I am looking for a pallet truck to transport a large amount of drywall. Which truck would you recommend?

Thank you for contacting us. For transporting drywall, we would recommend the adjustable sheet and panel truck. This pallet truck comes with two uprights on either side to help secure your materials while they are being transported to different locations. These uprights extend twenty-seven (27) inches above the deck, giving you ample security for transporting large loads. The capacity for these decks can be up to 3600 pounds.

These uprights can be adjusted to four (4) different positions. They can also be removed to provide you with a standard platform truck. This gives you a hand truck that is versatile enough to function in several different applications.


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