Do you have a Pallet Truck for Rough Terrains?

All Terrain Pallet Truck

All Terrain Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck for All Kinds of Terrains

I am looking for a pallet truck to transport items that weight around 1500 pounds. I will be transporting them over areas that are rough on a construction site, which hand truck would you recommend for this kind of terrain?

Thank you for your inquiry! In order to transport that kind of weight over a rough terrain, we would recommend our all terrain pallet truck. This truck is manufactured with 17 inch front pneumatic tires that are designed specifically to help you transport materials over rough terrains. With a larger front tire, your pallet truck can properly keep your materials stable and roll smoothly over areas full of rocks or gravel.

In terms of loading capacity, this pallet handling truck has truck fork widths that are 4 inches wide. This helps to distribute the weight evenly among the pallet truck. At the fifteen (15) inch center load, this truck can handle up to 1500 pounds. At the twelve (12) inch center load, it can handle up to 2000 pounds. Either way, this truck will provide you with the kind of support you need for transporting your materials.


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