Do you have Economical Spill Pallets?

Economical Spill Pallets

Economical Spill Pallets

Economy Model of Spill Pallets

I am looking for an economical way to store my oil drums. Which spill pallet would your recommend?

Thank you for your inquiry! The spill pallet that will work best for you depends on how many spill pallets you need to store and the size of your oil drum containers. In general, if your main focus is on an economical unit, we would recommend the Spill Shell Econo Line Pallet.

Designed as an economy model, these pallets are made durable and strong for the most effective storage possible. In order to achieve a high level of strength, these units are constructed with one-piece of polyethylene. As opposed to combining several pieces of polyethylene, this kind of manufacturing reduces the risk of cracking or leaking at the seams. Additionally, the polyethylene plastic material is strong and will not rust or corrode over time, providing you with a unit that will last.

A large benefit of these spill pallets are its built-in spill control channels. These channels collect spilled liquids, moving them away from the containers and making spills much easier to clean up. These spill shell pallets come as either a 4-drum unit or a 2-drum unit and contain a sump capacity of either twenty-one and half (21.5) gallons and thirty-five (35) gallons respectively.


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