Do you have Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets?

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinet

Safely Store Propane Cylinders in this Gas Cylinder Cabinet

Do you have any cabinets for gas cylinder storage? I need to store propane gas cylinders vertically in a cabinet that is safe for this kind of storage.

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell a gas cylinder storage cabinet that can safely store your propane cylinders. This gas cylinder cabinet is designed to keep your materials safe through their use of heavy gauge aluminum for their walls. In addition to its durable quality, these walls are mesh allowing for both visibility and ventilation. This can be extremely important when storing gas cylinders as you do not want any dangerous gases to build up while in storage. Mesh construction can also provide you with extra visibility so you can see your gas cylinders and make sure there have been no leaks or spills.

These vertical units can store anywhere from twenty to thirty-three (20-33) cylinders in one cabinet. This makes the unit very efficient and can allows you to store many cylinders without taking up too much storage space.

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