Do You Have Stackable Stools for a Traveling Blood Bank?

(Boston, MA)

I am putting together a traveling blood bank and need stackable stools or chairs that are easy to clean. Do you have anything like this?

Thank you for contacting us! We have the perfect stool for you! Our Stack N Roll stool has the design of an office stool with the added ability to both roll and be stacked. This could definitely come in handy when packing up and moving your blood bank to the next location. In addition, this stool also comes with an antimicrobial seat that is easy to clean and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria--a great tool for helping to keep your environment sterile.

These stools are manufactured with reinforced steel legs and casters that give these stools an edge in both strength and durability. They are also sold in pairs, giving you an economical choice for your business needs.

Hopefully, this is the kind of stool you had in mind for your blood bank. If you would like to look at our entire stool collection, please visit our office stool page.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Ants Industrial Supply Team or place your order, please contact us by phone: (+1) 888.611.3036

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