Do you Sell a Poly Spillpad?

Spill Pallets

Spill Pallets

Poly-Spillpad in Three Different Sizes

Do you sell the poly spillpad from Enpac. I am looking to store my drums but I'm not sure what size or how many I need?

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell the ENPAC Poly-Spillpad that is designed to function as protection for storing various items. The quantity or the size of the spill pads you will need depends on what you need to store on these pallets. In general, the poly-spill is designed to handle smaller jobs such as storing batteries or 16 gallon drums. These pallets are available in three different sizes, each with a different load bearing capacity. The smallest has a capacity of 4000 pounds, the middle size has a capacity of 8000 pounds, and the largest has a capacity of 16000 pounds.

When deciding how many and/or what size spill pallets you will need, you can easily consider the weight of what you need to place on the pallet. You might also consider how much storage space you have available for placing these pallets.


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