Do You Sell a Ruger Floor Crane?

High Capacity Floor Crane

High Capacity Floor Crane

Hi I am looking for a Ruger floor crane. Do you have this? How much weight can it lift?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do carry high capacity portable floor cranes from the Ruger brand. These portable cranes feature a straddle style structure that provides additional support and reliability when lifting your materials. These cranes can lift anywhere from 500 to 6000 pounds, depending on the model you choose. There are also a variety of additions you can add to this crane including a manual extension boom, alternate wheels, E-Z steer and a floor lock. This kind of flexibility allows you to design a crane that fits your exact lifting requirements.

All portable cranes meet or exceed ANSI and ASME PALD standards, making them safe for operation. When tested for their lifting capacity, these cranes were capable of lifting 1.5 times the structural overload of the maximum rated capacity. This safety and durability allows you to lift your materials with the knowledge that they will be secure.

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