Do you sell Metal cabinets for Lawn Supplies?

Bulk Storage Locker

Bulk Storage Locker

Adjustable Locker for Garages

Do you have any metal cabinets that can store my lawn supplies such as weed wacker, clippers, and more. I would be storing them in my garage.

Thank you for your inquiry! We do sell a mesh metal bulk storage locker that would be perfect for storing the supplies that you mentioned. To create the unit that will best fit the size of your supplies, you would first purchase a starter unit and then add on different size compartments as required.

Your starter unit can be either two tiers or one tier tall. Since you mentioned supplies such as a weed wacker that would be tall, it might be best for you to start with the one tier unit. This will be tall enough to contain items while still storing smaller items on the bottom. All these units contains a padlock that allows you to easily lock them or attach other units to them.


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