Do you Sell Slanted Shelves that can Display Items?

Slanted Shelving Units

Slanted Shelving Units

Slanted Shelving for Displaying Products

Do you have any slanted shelves? I need to put some items on display in my business and I think this will be the best way.

Thank you for contacting us! Slanting shelving is a great option for displaying various types of items to your customers. To help meet different needs, we offer two types of slanted shelves, one that contains bins and one that does not.

Our Chrome Wire Slanted Shelves with Polyurethane Bins can be helpful in adding extra color or security to your items that are on display. Polyurethane is a durable plastic that can protect items from bumping, scratching, or falling off the rack. Bins are available in the colors of blue, yellow, red, green, ivory and black. This allows you to pick a color that will bring out the best quality in your products or the color that will best match your business decor.

If you are not looking for bins, we also have a Slanted Shelving Cart that has a 400 pound loading capacity that is sold without bins.


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If you would like to speak with a member of our Ants Industrial Supply Team or place your order, please contact us by phone: (+1) 888.611.3036

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