Ergonomic Chair for Facility Workers

Vestil Ergonomic Work Chair

Vestil Ergonomic Work Chair

I am the office manager of a company and I am looking for an ergonomic chair for employees my facility. Do you sell these?

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell ergonomic worker chairs that would be perfect for your needs. These work chairs are designed for comfort and flexibility first through the use of adjustable seating. This supportive seat adjusts in two inch increments allowing workers to modify the seat individually. This will allow them custom-build the seat to the height that most accurately supports their back and posture. This ergonomic worker chair further supports posture through a built in foot rest designed to help straighten out your back. As an added bonus, these work chairs are portable and fold easily, allowing you to move and store them with limited effort.

These ergonomic worker chairs all comply with OSHA requirements, so the health and comfort of your workers is a priority.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Ants Industrial Supply Team or place your order, please contact us by phone: (+1) 888.611.3036

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