Features of the Ruger Floor Crane

Ruger Floor Crane

Ruger Floor Crane

Ruger Full-Power Floor Cranes

I am looking for more information on the Ruger floor crane. What are some of its features?

Thank you for your inquiry. The Ruger full-power floor crane is an extremely flexible unit can be easily adapted to many different lifting applications and locations. Some of its most beneficial features include a built-in flow control valve and a overload relief valve.

The built-in control valve is designed to provide you with more control when lowering and holding onto your loads. This will allow you to have more precision in your lifting and speed up your work time. For additional help and protection, these cranes also contain a built-in overload relief valve to prevent too much pressure from damaging the hydraulic system.

To guarantee their effectiveness, these cranes have been tested at 1.5 times their stated maximum capacity.


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