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Hand Truck and Hydraulic Lifts

Hand trucks and hydraulic lifts are designed to help with transportation of mail, boxes, parts, and various other equipment. Options include smaller equipment for moving parcels or mail, as well as large lifts and dollies for heavier items. Please feel free to browse through our huge selection listed below for more information on each of these products.

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instrument cart dolly platform box trucks
Impact Resistant Instrument Carts 12" D Handtrucks 3-Sided Rased Deck Trucks
shelf trucks mobile cart little giant carts
3-Sided Shelf Trucks All Purpose Poly
Mobile Cart
All-Welded Mobile Security Box Trucks
panel trucks 5th wheel wagon truck wood deck truck
Adjustable Sheet & Panel Trucks 5th Wheel Wagon Trucks All Wood Deck Trucks
platform truck platform truck scales pallet trucks
All Steel Platform Trucks Pallet Truck Scales Adjustable Width Pallet Trucks
all terrain pallet truck hydraulic lift trucks hydraulic pallet lift
All Terrain Pallet Trucks Counterbalance Hydraulic Lift Trucks 4-Way Hydraulic Pallet Lift
a frame truck tray trucks  
A Frame Truck Adjustable A Tray Trucks

For pricing information on any of our dollies, hand trucks or hydraulic lifts, please feel free to check out Trucks/ Hand Trucks in our online store.

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Hand Trucks:

shelf trucksOur portable cart variety is designed to offer easy mobility for smaller parts, letters, parcels, instruments and more. Made in a variety of different styles, including options with shelves and walls, these carts have helped to safely transport materials as needed around your office, facilities, or factory locations. Typical options include the following:

  • Instrument Carts
  • 3-Sided Shelf Trucks
  • Mobile Carts
  • Box Trucks

For more information on these moving items, check out Carts in our online store.

Platform Trucks:

wood deck truckFor larger items we also offer of platform trucks designed to help easily move equipment. Options include both wooden and steel platforms for different facility and location requirements. Styles include:

  • 5th Wheel Wagon Trucks
  • Wooden Deck Trucks
  • Steel Platform Decks

Hydraulic Lifts:

hydraulic pallet liftFor items that are too heavy for manual lifting, we also offer a wide range of hydraulic lifts and pallet trucks for various terrains, equipment and weights. Models may also be made with adjustable widths to accommodate different box sizes and requirements. Options include:

  • Pallet Truck Scales
  • Adjustable Trucks
  • All Terrain Trucks
  • Counterbalance Hydraulic Lifts

Specialty Trucks:

For unique transportation items, we also offer A-frame trucks with and without trays for multiple transportation requirements. This helps to move small parts, equipment and other materials easily around your facility. Typical options include:

  • A-Frame Trucks
  • Adjust a Tray Trucks

Have a question about one of our Platform Trucks or Lifts? You're not alone! See what other customers have asked:

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