How do you Connect Two Spill Pallets?

Link Lock

Link Lock

Connecting Spill Pallets

I have several ENPAC spill pallets and I am trying to combine them. How are these units connected? Also, do you have any ramps?

Thank you for your inquiry! When trying to connect ENPAC spill pallets, the easiest way is through the Link-Lock. This durable locking system can be attached to one workstation and then slid over to hook to another workstation. This will effectively link your two units together in whichever configuration works best for you. The product is sold in pairs.

In terms of ramps, we offer two different plastic ramps that contain a ribbed surface to help reduce instances of slipping or instability. The first poly-ramp extends sixty-eight (68) inches long and sits at a ten degree slope. If you are in need of ramp that is slightly shorter and contains less of a walk-up area, we also offer a poly-ramp with a length of approximately twenty-five (25) inches.


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