How Much Weight can a Pallet Scale Truck Lift?

Kwik Weigh Pallet Truck

Kwik Weigh Pallet Truck

I am looking for a pallet scale truck for lifting heavy materials. Do you sell this product? How much weight can it lift?

Thank you for contacting us! We do sell a kwik weigh pallet truck that comes with a built-in electronic scale. This hand truck loads fast and can lift up to 4500 pounds. The scale on this unit has a six digit display and features a 1.2 inch LCD. This provides you with a quick reading and display of the weight you're lifting, while only having a maximum error reading of one percent (1%). This means that if you were lifting a load that was exactly 4500 pounds, the error reading for load could only be a maximum of 4 pounds. This weight also has a toggle switch that will convert pounds to kilograms.

This hand truck operates on four 1.5 "C" cell batteries that provide you with up to twenty-five (25) hours of operation. Some other features for this product include a floating platform, a leak proof hydraulic pump, and 215 degree steering.

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