How Much Weight can Benchpro Workbenches Handle?

Kennedy Series Workbench

Kennedy Series Workbench

Hi. Do you offer the Benchpro workbenches? I believe the series I need is the Kennedy series, but I looking to store somewhere around 4000 pounds. Is this the right series for this kind of storage? What kind of accessories can be added?

Thank you for your inquiry! For storing materials that weigh around 4000 pounds, the Kennedy series workbench is the right choice. These durable workbenches have a techinical weight capacity of 5000 pounds, but have been tested to support up to 6,600 pounds. This will allow you to store your heavier materials without any concern that the workbench will not be able to maintain that weight. These units come with your choice of either a stainless steel top, a laminate top, an ESD top, or a butcher block top. This will provide you with a top that best fits your work needs.

For accessories, the benchpro workbench has a large variety of items you can add to your unit. The entire list can be found on our Kennedy benchpro accessories page. Some options you can add include earthquake safety light fixtures, adjustable footrests, power strips and more.

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