I need a Spill Pallet that can Store Six Drums

Six Drum Workstation

Six Drum Workstation

Six Drum Workstation for Drums

I need a spill pallet that can store up to six drums. I will be storing it indoors.

Thank you for your inquiry! An easy way for you to store six spill pallets in the same area is with our Six Drum Workstation. This economical unit is designed to sit low to the ground on the floor of your facility. This can help you to save valuable floor area and prevent drums from cluttering up too much of your work space. A low profile for your spill pallet can also help speed up the loading of your drums onto the work area. This will save you not only time, but also in safety as loading will become less stressful to the body.

These units are made using polyethylene, a material that will not rust or corrode over time. This plastic material is also less likely to dent and break down over time, providing you with a unit that will last you throughout the needed storage time. This workstation measures seventy-seven (77) inches long, fifty-three (53) inches wide and six (6) inches tall. It has a load bearing capacity of 100 pounds and large sump capacity of sixty-one (61) gallons. This size sump will provide ample room in the event that one of your drums leaks or spills.


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