Instrument Cart for Dairy Farm Vet Operations

(Dadesville, Kentucky)

Impact Resistant Hand Truck

Impact Resistant Hand Truck

I am looking to procure a instrument cart for use in our testing facility that would provide a stable work surface for instruments and lab samples to be transported over sometimes rough terrain. It would also need to be cleaned easily due to the nature of some of the samples. Do you have a cart with larger wheels and a stable work surface?

Thank you for your inquiry! A great cart for your storing your instruments would be our impact resistant carts. These mobile units are designed specifically for transportation of materials over rough surfaces like the ones you are describing. These carts are constructed from welded steel and support up to 1000 pound loads. This provides you with the stable work surface that you require. Additionally, mobility for this cart consist of large pneumatic wheels that are nine (9) inches by three (3) and provide a smooth ride for your materials on board.

Options for these mobile shelf carts include your choice between a non-slip vinyl laminated surface or a smooth steel surfaces. Carts are also equipped with a tubular steel handle that provides easy handling so transportation is smooth.

If you would like pricing information for this product, please feel free to fill out a request a quote form.

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