Metal Wire Shelving Units

Hi. I am looking for metal wire shelving units that can fit in a 14" x 50" space. I would prefer wire shelving. What is available?

metal wire shelvingFor the type of shelving and space requirements you have mentioned, we would recommend the Steel Wire Shelving Unit. This strong and reliable shelving structure is easy to assemble and provides a clean, open area for storing your items. Models are available in several sizes, including a 14" x 48" model that would fit almost exactly in the space you mentioned.

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This metal wire shelving unit is available in several different sizes and models that can help meet your storage requirements. Models include:

  • Chrome
    • Widths: Available from 14" to 24"
    • Lengths: Available from 24" to 72"
  • Green Epoxy
    • Widths: Available from 14" to 24"
    • Lengths: Available from 24" to 72"
  • Powder Coat Black
    • Widths: Available from 14" to 24"
    • Lengths: Available from 24" to 54"


With a firm wire exterior, these units provide many advantages that help to make use easy, reliable, and secure. Some advantages include:

  • Easy-to-Adjust Shelves: Grooves are available in 1" intervals to help adjust the shelves to the exact position you require.
  • Wires Run Front to Back: This helps your products to easily slide onto and off of your shelving structure. This can make loading and unloading fast.
  • Open Wire Construction: The open wire construction can provide more ventilation for your products so your items remain fresh.


In addition, these wire shelves are incredibly easy to install once it arrives to your area. Typically assembly for this type of shelving includes:

  1. split sleeve wire shelvingTapered split sleeve snaps together around each post.
  2. Tapered openings in the shelf corners slide over the tapered split sleeves to provide a positive lock.
  3. Each post has grooves at a 1" intervals to so you can place your shelves to the exact heights you require.

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Metal Shelving Units

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