Portable Shelving for Catering Business

(San Jose)

Hello. I am starting a catering business and I need portable shelves or carts to transport my food from kitchen to site. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us! An economical solution to your needs would be our metal portable shelving. With a built-in handle for easy control, this mobile cart can easily be moved and directed exactly where it needs to go--even with large amounts of food stored inside.

These portable shelves are made with heavy-duty 13 gauge posts that can adjust every 1 inch to better fit the sizes of your stored items. They are available with either an open end, a closed end, or a closed back style, depending on which would better fit your needs.

We do offer a discount for bulk orders. Our sales team would be happy to contact you with more information.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Ants Industrial Supply Team or place your order, please contact us by phone: (+1) 888.611.3036

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