Portable Sloping Store Shelving Unit

Slanted Shelving Units

Slanted Shelving Units

Is the sloping store shelving unit available with wheels? I have am looking for a mobile shelving unit that can be moved into place on a display floor. Also, is it available in stainless steel finish?

Thank you for contacting us! We do have a slanted shelving unit that is available with a chrome wire construction. Rather than having flat metal or stainless steel shelves, these units are designed with modular plastic bins. These bins are constructed with polyurethane and are incredibly easy to clean, manage, and adjust. This can increase your storage display visibility, allowing customers to quickly find and access the products they need. These units come with bins that can be made available in the colors of red, blue, and yellow. While these units do not come with a stainless steel finish, they are mobile and can easily be moved into place on your display floor.

For our full variety of shelving storage, please visit our wire shelving main page. Under store shelving we do have a sloping store unit that is stationary.

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