Safe Storage for Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers

Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers

I need storage for gas cylinders that will keep them secure and prevent them from causing harm or damage. I'm not sure which product would be best for this. Can you help?

Thank you for your inquiry! For the storage of gas cylinders, we would recommend our cylinder storage lockers. These storage units are designed to store materials such as LPG containers, high pressure compressed propane, and gas cylinders in a safe and secure way. Manufactured in all welded heavy gauge aluminum, these cylinder lockers are equipped with strength and durability that makes them long-lasting and tamper resistant. Additionally, manufacturing with this material prevents your locker from rusting or corroding over time.

These storage units are made with mesh sides and doors that provide you with excellent visibility of your products. This allows you to easily inspect your storage to make sure everything is in place and not leaking. These cylinder lockers also have a strong floor plate that elevates the gas cylinders off the floor, preventing them from any damage that could occur from the floor.

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