Should I Install Chrome Wire Shelving or Wood Shelving?

Chrome Wire Shelving with Bins

Chrome Wire Shelving with Bins

I am replacing the wood shelving in my restaurant. What are the benefits of chrome wire shelving over wood shelves? One problem I can see is that things can fall through the spaces in the wire. Is there a way around that?

Thank you for your inquiry! There are a few advantages of having chrome wire shelves over wood shelves. One advantage would be the ease of cleaning. These shelves are incredibly easy for cleaning up spills, while also remaining great for limiting the amount of dust the accumulates over time. Rather than having a solid shelf, these units contain small holes that provides less space for dust to occur. This construction also provides more ventilation for your stored items, without lacking in strength or stability.

Your concern with the items falling through the spaces can be easily amended by the use of bins. These plastic containers are sturdy, stackable, and designed for ease of use and cleaning. With these items, you can easily store smaller items on these shelves without worrying about them falling.

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