Should I use a Orbit Telescoping Jib Crane or a more Permanent Crane?

Orbiting Jib Crane

Orbiting Jib Crane

Could you explain the benefits of a portable jib crane as compared to a permanently installed crane?

Hello! Thank you for your inquiry! Their are a variety of reasons someone might want to use a portable jib crane over a permanently installed crane. The main benefit would be flexibility. A permanent crane is usually secured in a poured foundation that can sometimes take up to a week to cure. Once this crane is installed in the foundation, your options for moving or relocating the crane are incredibly limited. With a jib crane that is portable, you can move the unit to various locations including walls, trucks and floors. Without the need for a large base, cranes can be placed much closer to machines and other items saving you time. Jib cranes can also offer an easier rotation and trolley movement which can increase productivity.

In terms of load capacity, both our orbiting jib crane and our telescoping jib crane can be manufactured to lift up to 4000 pounds. This provides you with flexibility, while still being able to lift a decent size load. These cranes also feature an adjustable reach depending on the size of the materials you are lifting. We also have a jib crane that is designed to be installed in a pickup truck and can easily lift your loads into the cargo bed.

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