Spill Pallets for Outdoor Storage?


Two Drum Hardcover

Two Drum Hardcover

Spill Pallet for Outdoor Storage

I am in need of a spill pallet to store two 55 gallon drums. I want to store them outdoors. What would your recommend?

Thank you for contacting us! For storing drums outdoors, one product that might work well for you is our Two Drum Hardcover. When storing drums outside, weather can always be a factor. Rather than having to worry about finding a cover for the drums, these spill pallets combine a pallet and a cover all in one unit. This will cause rain and various other weather elements to hit the container of the drums without causing damage to the drums. It will also help to properly contain and prevent polluted stormwater runoff from exiting your location.

For ease of access to these drum, hardcovers are designed with a top that rolls up and down. This kind of opening and closing saves space that would otherwise have been needed for doors that swing open and close. This feature can come in handy when you have limited storage space or areas for your drum. All covers are lockable and can be loaded from the front or back. The unit is also available with a built-in drain.


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