What Size Metal Shelves do you have?

Wire Wall Shelving

Wire Wall Shelving

Do you have any wire shelves that can be mounted to the wall? What sizes are these shelves? I need to make sure my items will not be too wide for the shelf.

Thank you for your inquiry! We do have wire shelving that can be easily mounted to your walls. These wire shelves are available as either a single bracket kit or a multiple shelf post. The dimensions of the shelf will depend on which unit you decide to purchase. The single unit has different models that vary from fourteen to eighteen (14-18) inches in depth. The multiple shelf unit has models with a depth of fourteen to twenty-four (14-24) inches. With this variety of sizes, you can choose the model or the style that will be able to accommodate the items you are hoping to store.

Hopefully these wire shelves were what you had in mind. You can also view a further variety of wire shelves on our wire shelving main page.

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