What Size Unit does a Utility Cart Cover Fit?

Cart Covers for Shelving Units

Cart Covers for Shelving Units

Do you have a utility cart cover in stock? I need cover a portable shelving unit so I can protect the items on the shelves from rain and wind. What size units can be covered by this product?

Thank you for your inquiry! We do have cart covers for wire shelving units available for purchase. These convenient and durable covers are manufactured with choice of either nylon or clear vinyl material and are perfect for protecting supplies from rain, win and sun. These covers can be closed with either a zipper of velcro, depending on which method you prefer.

These covers can be constructed in a variety of different sizes that are designed to fit standard wire shelving units. Their width ranges from eighteen to twenty-four (18-24) inches, their length ranges from thirty-six to seventy-two (36-72) inches, and their height ranges from sixty-three to seventy-four (63-74) inches.

Hopefully this variety offers you with a size that can fit your unit.

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