Which Workbench can Support 9000 Pounds?

Heavy-Duty Work Bench

Heavy-Duty Work Bench

Which workbench would you recommend to support about 9000 pounds of weight? This weight will be placed on the bench more than once so it needs to be durable.

Thank you for your inquiry! For the kind of weight you are looking to place on the bench, we would recommend our Little Giant heavy-duty work bench. This model workbench is designed for the kind of heavier materials you need to work with and can support up to 10,000 pounds. In order to support this weight, this bench features a seven (7) gauge reinforced steel top and angle legs that are 1/4 inch thick. These legs have footpads that are three inches by three inches and contain anchor holes for added stability when storing these materials.

In terms of durability, the welded steel can offer strength and a long-lasting quality. Its design is meant for demanding use, offering you a product that can repeatedly handle the kind of weight you are storing.

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